Solution Overview

TruRating is a technology company specializing in customer feedback and analytics. We ask one question per customer on the payment terminal and/or on confirmation page, at the moment of purchase, in-store and/or online. Questions can vary from experience in-store, ease of use of the website, market research (anything can be asked really) and their frequency can be adjusted to generate the insights the businesses want.

All feedback is tied to transaction value and is anonymous. We then provide businesses with near real-time and representative consumer insight through a live dashboard and personalised reports.

Our technology is applicable to all types of POS & payment systems (in-store or online) where the consumer is present at the time that the transaction is processed and the payment is made.

This Portal

The TruRating Gateway is an on-line guide and resource for developers, payment partners and merchants interested in implementing TruRating. The gateway covers payment and/or POS system integration on Standalone, Semi-Integrated and Integrated systems and Online merchants. In addition to providing a step-by-step guide to implementing TruRating, the TruRating Gateway includes the tools, code samples, specifications, schema, and test cases required to fully develop a successful TruRating Application. We at TruRating understand the complexities of the payment, POS and online space and are here to help the developer every step of the way on their TruRating journey. The TruRating Gateway also contains a wealth of information on how the TruRating Application works and the benefits it can bring to implementation partners and merchants. Our goal is to get TruRating up and running on any system, anywhere, in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

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