TruTrace uses the data elements outlined in the following table:

EMV ID Data Element Description Importance to TruTrace
42 Issuer Identification Number (IIN) or first few digits of the Primary Account Number (PAN) Identifies the card issuer/bank, usually the first 6 digits, but may be more or less of the Primary Account Number (PAN) Critical - part of masked PAN
9F06 Application Identifier (AID) - Terminal Identifies the application as described in ISO/IEC 7816-5. Note the source is from the terminal Additional Information
50 Application Label Mnemonic associated with the AID; according to ISO/IEC 7816-5 Additional Information
****5A 2 Last 4 digits of the Primary Account Number (PAN) Last four (4) digits of the PAN are not part of PCI scope. Critical - part of masked PAN
5F20 3 Cardholder Name Indicates cardholder name according to ISO 7813. Note that the trailing spaces present in the CardHolder name are removed for the TruTrace algorithm. Critical that the name is included in the calculation of TruTrace. The length can be anywhere from 2-26 but may be blank in some cases
5F24 4 Application Expiration Date Date after which application expires Additional Information
5F25 Application Effective Date Date from which the application may be used Additional Information
5F28 Issuer Country Code Indicates the country of the issuer according to ISO-3166 (numeric) Additional Information
5F2D Language Preference 1–4 languages stored in order of preference, each represented by 2 alphabetical characters according to ISO639 Additional Information
5F34 Application Primary Account Number Sequence Number Identifies and differentiates cards with the same PAN Additional Information

Table 1 Payment elements used by TruTrace

For implementation then, all elements other than 42, 5A, and 5F20 may be left blank, if and only if they are not available.

Notes on correct usage when generating TruTrace
2 Only the last 4 digits of the PAN is used.
3 Cardholder name is always hashed and cannot be determined by TruRating.
4 Expiration date is always hashed and cannot be determined by TruRating.

Data Element Rules

Data elements used in TruTrace may occur in various formats, may or may not be in ASCII or may not be present. The following rules must be applied to all data elements, before they are used in the TruTrace algorithm

  1. All elements, that are not ASCII use the ASCII representation of their value
  2. All available fields will always be present. Where not available leave blank (Blank is defined as NULL string “”)
  3. In the case of any ASCII element that has trailing blanks, the trailing (and only the trailing blanks) are truncated. e.g. “ John L. Doe “ becomes “ John L. Doe“