TruService provides TruRating business logic for POS and integrated payment systems

What is TruService?

TruService is a standalone application or service that is responsible for:

  • Encapsulating all TruRating business logic associated with the TruRating Application
  • Providing questions to TruModule
  • Storing Ratings, Transaction Data and Basket Data
  • Communicating securely via HTTPS with the TruRating Host (TruHost)
  • Supporting initial activation andongoing activation management
  • Providing a wide variety of functionality enabling many other value added features for current and future releases.

TruService works in tandem with TruModule, our name for the component that natively interfaces with the existing Payment and POS Application.

Where can TruService run?

Cloud SaaS

TruRating offers a fully managed cloud TruService SaaS solution hosted in Microsoft Azure. Service instances are load balanced, geo-replicated and redundant across 3 continents for optimum reliability and scalability.

Connectivity is secured by TLS and authenticated via a MAC header.

Local Network

TruService can run on a back-office server either within a partner’s network or merchant’s network.


TruService can run as a Microsoft Windows service or a Linux daemon on Point of Sale hardware.