Terminal Led Activation Process

A TruRating “enabled” device is one which has the TruRating / TruModule application on the terminal ready to activate. This article describes the process which will activate TruRating on it.

A merchant may register an account on the TruRating website and subsequently activate the TruRating application, or complete the activation process on the device. This will enable merchants to start using TruRating in an easy and intuitive way.

The user experience for Terminal Led Activation is a key consideration from the outset of the technical design. As much as possible the account registration and terminal activation journey will be “self-serve”, meaning that the merchant can complete the process without manual intervention from TruRating or a 3rd party provider.

It requires the following steps:

  1. The merchant will have a TruRating option on the terminal menu which can be used to determine if TruRating is activated for the outlet or not.

  2. If TruRating application is not activated then merchant will be shown their activation code and instructions on next steps.

  3. If TruRating application is activated then merchant will be requested to answer various configuration options (such as the selection of an appropriate business sector) and given an activation code with details on what to do with it and how to seek assistance.

  4. If the TruRating application is currently suspended then the merchant will be informed of this status and how to seek assistance to unsuspend it.

  5. Once activation is complete the terminal will start asking questions automatically.

  6. The merchant will now be able to log in to the TruRating website to view their ratings.

  7. Activation only needs to be completed on one terminal per outlet. Other terminals will automatically start asking questions once activation has been completed for the first terminal/PED in the outlet.

Note that while the TLA process can be used to activate the TruRating application at a merchant outlet, is is not used to deactivate it. Deactivation is done as part of the TruRating account management process.

Terminal Led Activation Messages

The process to enable and control TLA requires a dialog between an instance of TruModule running in a store and TruService. It uses various TSI request messages, including:

Element Description
Query Specifies a call made by TruModule to TruService to determine application status

Note that full, up to date details of these messages are described in the schema file - https://docs.trurating.com/schema/truservice/v230.xsd and the other XSD files that it references.