TruModule will display various screens for the TruRating Question and Acknowledgments. Acknowledgment screens include separate screens for a Rating, Skip, and TruTreat. An Acknowledgment screen for a Timeout is optional. Where TruModule is supporting Terminal Led Activation (TLA) then a number of TruRating screens will be incorporated into the Terminal Menu as well.

All screens will including TruRating branding. When developing TruModule, the screens, their branding and content are determined by TruRating and are part of design and certification process.

Note that TruRating recognizes that screen designs and layouts are dependent on the target payment device/PED, their capabilities and how they are used in the payment environment. All this will be taken into consideration when TruRating designs the screens for the implementation at hand.

Text & Formatting

TruService will send down the text for all Question and Acknowledgement screens. The text will be sent down in one field, but separated by a new line indication character that is specified by TruModule when requesting the question from TruService.

Per the TruService Interface XSD specifications, the Question Request will contain details about the device’s screen capabilities. TruRating will agree on the optimal screen size to use based on available fonts on the devices being supported. Screen size is defined by

  1. Number of Chars Per Line (determined by widest character of the font used by the PED)
  2. Number of Lines (target is minimum 8 lines of text)

Both the Question and Acknowledgement screens will use the same size screen capabilities. With the above information, TruRating will design screens that are compatible with the display of the target PED.

TruService will present all rating and acknowledgement text to TruModule in a top-left to bottom-right order and will be responsible for all formatting and justification.

TruRating Question Screen (X)

Two examples are shown below. Firstly an example of a TruRating question screen terminal/PED with a graphics display that uses a landscape formatted display. Secondly an example TruRating question screen for a terminal/PED with a graphics display that uses a portrait formatted display.

Note that the question text varies with the question returned by TruService.
High level diagram
Figure 1: TruRating Question Screen on landscape oriented device
High level diagram
Figure 2: TruRating Question Screen on portrait oriented device

TruRating Acknowledgment Screens (Y)

Following are examples of the TruRating Acknowledgement Screens in both landscape and portrait format:

High level diagram
Figure 3: TruRating Acknowledgment Screen for a Rating
High level diagram
Figure 4: TruRating Acknowledgment Screen for a Rating
High level diagram
Figure 5: TruRating Acknowledgment Screen for a Skip
High level diagram
Figure 6: TruRating Acknowledgment Screen for a Skip

TruRating Terminal Menu Screens

Following are examples of the TruRating Terminal Menu Screens (in landscape format) that are applicable for implementations of TruModule that will be supporting TLA:

Activation screen example
Figure 7: Example Screen 1
Activation screen example
Figure 8: Example Screen 2
Activation screen example
Figure 9: Example Screen 3
Activation screen example
Figure 10: Example Screen 4
Activation screen example
Figure 11: Example Screen 5