Term Description
Acknowledgment A message presented by TruModule for displaying on the Payment Terminal and printing on the customer receipt after a Rating, Skip or Treat. The message presented is dependent on whether a Rating, Skip or Prize has occurred. The Acknowledgment message is received from TruService via TSI.
Acknowledgment Timeout The amount of time in milliseconds an Acknowledgment is displayed on a payment terminal after a Rating or Skip. At the end of the Acknowledgment Timeout, the payment terminal display is cleared and TruModule releases control back to payment application.
Activation Refers to the way in which the TruRating service is enabled for a merchant. Activation is done at an outlet level and can be centrally completed for larger merchants or locally for smaller merchants. Activation must be completed before a merchants terminals or PEDs can start asking TruRating questions.
Amount Finalised The point in time when payment system has confirmed with the customer the final amount for a card payment.
Amount Finalised Trigger Same as Amount Finalised.
CancelRating Called by the POS before Payment Request to ensure that the PED is ready for payment.
Card Presentation Same as Card Presented Trigger.
Card Presented Trigger A point in time that occurs when a payment card is presented to the payment terminal.
Dwell Time Extend The window of time between the start of a new transaction when items are being scanned and the point which the rating question is cleared (if rating not given) to allow tendering to commence. TruRating Questions will persist for a given number of seconds (as set by a TruRating parameter) following at the point scanning completes. The extend time is configurable and used generally when the customer may not have seen the question prior to payment as they may be preoccupied with watching the POS display, bagging, or when the PED is not easily seen by the customer prior to payment.
Dwell Time Extend Trigger Same as Dwell Time Extend
EndTilling A POS event. The EndTilling event marks the completion of the basket processing and heralds the request for payment or start of tendering. It is marked by the start of removal of the TruRating Question from the PED display (if it is still displayed) and release of control of the PED back to the Payment Application.
EndTransaction A POS Event. The EndTransaction event is fired after payment (of whatever type) has been completed. It indicates that the transaction is complete and the customer will be leaving. TruService will use this opportunity to package up, store and then deliver the Rating and associated Transaction Details to the TruRating Host. This event is important for TruModule because if the payment has been made using cash or a gift card (as opposed to payment card) then TruModule will not otherwise be aware of the transaction result.
GetRating Called by the POS when a question is to be presented and a rating is to be captured. GetRating needs to be able to accept PartnerId, MerchantId, TerminalId, SessionId and TruService API address as parameters. TruModule will use these values when communicating with TruService
Payment Application An application that performs all payment functionality. In some configurations, it provides certain payment related triggers to TruModule signaling when to display a TruRating Question along with some payment details.
Payment Complete A point in time that occurs when the payment is complete and all financial transaction results are known to the payment application.
Payment Request The point in time when the POS makes a request to the Payment Application to start a payment.
Payment Request Trigger Same as Payment Request.
Payment Transaction For the purposes of asking a customer a TruRating Question, a Payment Transaction is either a purchase or refund. All other transactions, financial or otherwise, are considered to be non-payment transactions.
PED Driver Component that exposes the 1AQ1KR command on the PED to the Payment Application.
Porting Interface Provides adaption layer between TruRating Components and target standalone device Application Interface Layer/OS. Specifically, it may require adaption of IP sockets and file system.
POS Point Of Sale.
POS Application Application that performs all tilling functionality. The POS Application also makes payment requests to Payment Application. In some configurations, the POS application may also provide POS events containing transaction data to TruService.
Pre Approval A point in time during a card payment where a payment card has been presented and authorised but ahead of the customer being told that their payment has been completed.
Pre Approval Trigger Same as Pre-Approval.
Prize An awarding of a Prize or Treat as a result of a Customer Rating. The Acknowledgment reflects that a Prize has been awarded.
Question Regulation The process whereby a TruRating Question is not asked every time a payment transaction occurs. During the throttling time, a Customer is not asked a TruRating Question. During Question Throttling, if a purchase or refund is made, a Rating value of -3 will be returned.
Question Timeout The amount of time in milliseconds a TruRating Question is displayed on a payment terminal display for a Customer to perform a rating or skip. If no Customer response is made during this time, the TruRating Question is removed from the payment terminal display.
Rating The act of selecting a numeric response to a TruRating Question. Any integer value 0 through 9 that represents the Customer’s response to a TruRating Question. The Rating Value in this case is simply the value of the numeric key pressed by the Customer.
Rating Value The value of the Rating, Skip, Timeout or other errors that are recorded as a result of asking a TruRating Question.
Skip An action was taken by the Customer that results in no Rating. A Customer may Skip by pressing any buttons that are not numeric (i.e. not 0 through 9) or by touching the display if the payment device has a touch-sensitive display. A Skip is only valid while the TruRating Question is being displayed. A Skip is recorded as a -1 Rating Value.
StartTransaction A POS event. The StartTransaction event marks the arrival of a customer at the till and the action that the attendant makes to indicate that a new transaction is underway. This may coincide with the scan of the first item in the basket. If TruModule is configured to display TruRating Questions during the Dwell Time, then this event would result in TruModule placing a rating question on the PED.
Timeout Event A Timeout Event occurs when no Rating or Skip is recorded during the time period the TruRating Question is displayed on the payment terminal. When this occurs a value of -2 is recorded for the Rating Value.
Transaction Details Those elements of the payment transaction that are captured by the payment terminal along with the Rating Value. Transaction Details include non-sensitive data such as payment amount, result of payment transaction (Approved, Declined), clerk ID, time & date.
Treat An awarding of a Prize or Treat as a result of a Customer Rating. The Acknowledgment reflects that a Prize has been awarded.
TruHost TruRating Host service that interfaces to TruService and collects data from it.
TruModule Component that interfaces to Payment Application and optionally the POS Application. When triggered, TruModule displays the TruRating Question on the payment device and collects a Rating. At the end of the transaction or payment, TruModule collects some non-sensitive transaction/payment details. TruModule can be implemented as part of the Payment Application, the POS Application or as a piece of middleware. The implementation of TruModule can also be split into several components.
TruRating Question A question presented by TruModule for displaying on the payment terminal.
TruService The component/service that encapsulates all TruRating functionality associated with TruRating Questions and Ratings management. TruService also provides storage of TruRating Questions and Ratings as well as providing secure communications (via HTTPS) with the TruRating Host (TruHost).
TruTreat Name given by TruRating to a Prize or Treat as a result of a Customer Rating.
TSI The TruService messaging interface. This is a standard interface between TruModule and TruService that is based on XML over HTTPS. On certain standalone payment devices with limited resources an equivalent class library interface may be used.