This use case demonstrates how dwell time ratings can be performed through an implementation of TruModule fully within the Payment application through the inclusion of support for POS events. In this use case a device proxy or monitor is used to avoid the requirement for the POS to specifically notify the Payment application of the key POS events. The proxy/monitor would generate the events based on normal POS activity and notify TruModule of the events as they occur. TruModule in conjunction with TruService would control the entire rating process. With this configuration it may be possible for the proxy/monitor to also collect basket data but this often depends upon the specifics of the POS application and the proxy/monitor implementation.


  1. Payment Application supports TruRating POS events into TruModule
  2. Proxy or Device Monitor used to determine POS events without POS changes
  3. Payment Application determines when Question is asked or can be led by TruService
  4. POS only needs to do what it normally does
  5. TruModule co-ordinates activities of Payment Application & TruService based on POS events
  6. Rating linked to Transaction
  7. Basket Data may not be optional – depends on Proxy/Monitor operation
  8. Custom solution for TruRating receipt support required

Architecture Diagram

Use Case 9 - Architecture Diagram
Use Case 9 - Architecture Diagram

UML Sequence

Use Case 9 - UML Sequence
Use Case 9 - UML Sequence