This use case shows how TruModule can be implemented as a middleware component that sits outside of both the Payment and POS application. In this use case the Payment application only exposes the simple 1AQ1KR command and the POS application has no direct connection to TruModule. A device proxy or monitor is used to generate a set of POS events for TruModule that are sufficient to allow TruModule to control the rating process and perform all interaction with TruService.


  1. Payment Application exposes a 1AQ1KR command
  2. Payment Application does not talk to TruService
  3. Proxy or Device Monitor used to determine POS events without POS changes
  4. TruRating or 3rd party middleware acts as Point of Integration
  5. Point of Integration determines when Question is asked or can be led by TruService
  6. POS only needs to do what it normally does
  7. Point of Integration calls Payment Application & TruService
  8. Rating linked to Transaction
  9. Basket Data optional
  10. Custom solution for TruRating receipt support required

Architecture Diagram

Use Case 7 - Architecture Diagram
Use Case 7 - Architecture Diagram

UML Sequence

Use Case 7 - UML Sequence
Use Case 7 - UML Sequence