TruRating Accreditation is designed to guarantee a high quality result for all parties as well as maintain TruRating branding and standards. Accreditation consists of the following steps:

  • agreement to use TruRating screen designs, layout and flows;
  • passing all TruRating test cases for the design and implementation of TruModule; and,
  • passing all TruRating Acceptance tests for the release candidate

Screen Design

Screen designs, layouts and flows are key to the successful implementation of TruRating for a variety of reasons including branding, successful customer journeys and high quality anonymous Rating data.

TruRating recognizes that screen designs and layouts are dependent on the target payment device/PED, their capabilities and how they are used the payment environment. All this will be taken into consideration when TruRating designs the screens for the implementation at hand. This will be done as part of the TruModule design.

Validation of TruModule

Passing all the TruModule test scripts as provided by TruRating ensures the correct implementation of the message content and flows between TruModule and TruService. TruRating provides test code based on these scripts in order to make this validation as friction free as possible. TruRating will work with the third party in order speed validation.

User Acceptance Testing

Finally, once TruModule has been fully integrated into the target system (i.e. Payment application, POS application, Terminal or Middleware), a set of User Acceptance Tests will need to be run. The test scripts are dependent on the actual system and the level of integration that is being delivered. The test scripts will be provided by TruRating. The third party will need to submit a test harness with appropriate instructions for TruRating to validate that all test scripts pass.

Further details of TruRating’s accreditation process are available.