We’re so pleased that you want to develop a TruModule to connect to TruRating! We have a few rules governing our developer programme and access to our hosted test services, so please read these and follow them carefully.

The services might break / fall over

We will do our best to keep the test services up and running, and we monitor them, but we can’t promise that they will be available all or time, or that they are functioning properly. You might encounter glitches, wobbles or even down time. We may also change the functioning of the service, or update the API definition, and we’ll aim to ensure that this is notified on our developer site if/when we plan on doing so. However, if we have to make an emergency change, this may not be possible.

If you think something is broken or unavailable, please drop us an email.

Things you must not do

  • Don’t send anything secret (e.g. real MIDs / TIDs) Currently, all registered developers (and TruRating’s own development staff) can see all the logs of the hosted service. This means that others can see the logs relating the traffic which you are sending, and you can see the logs relating to their traffic. Because of this, do not send anything in your messages which you consider to be a secret or confidential. In particular, we suggest that you do not attempt to send real MIDs or TIDs or connect to a live till system. (We are working to change this, so that you only see your logs. But we still wouldn’t suggest you send real MIDs or TIDs.)

  • Don’t breach our user interface and user experience rules You must follow our UI/UX rules. If you don’t, your TruModule will not be pass accreditation (see below), and you will not be able to connect it to the live service. Our rules do not permit, for example, the collection of any personal data about raters (raters’ anonymity is incredibly important to us), or the inclusion of any profanity or offensive content in your TruModule.

  • Don’t try to break our services You must not try to break our services. For example, by trying to take them offline, flooding them with traffic, or making them send information which, in the normal course of operation, they would not be sending. (We understand that, sometimes, code does not work quite as it was intended, and might result in unexpected actions. If your code has unintentionally caused our services to behave badly, please tell us, so that we can fix the problem — email us.

  • Don’t try to game the system You must not build something which intends to game the system or falsify ratings data. This is really important to us.

  • Don’t share your authentication details We will give you authentication details to access our development services. You must not share these.

  • Don’t reverse engineer our hosted services Don’t reverse engineer our hosted services We have published an API specification to help you interact with our hosted services — please follow this to ensure that your module sends the right messages at the right time, and can handle error messages which our services return. You must not attempt to reverse engineer our hosted services, or try to work out how they operate or what they are doing.

  • Don’t alter our questions You must not modify the questions which are sent from our service. No word changes or additions, and no added emoticons

  • Don’t claim or pretend you are affiliated with TruRating Until your TruModule receives accreditation and you enter into an appropriate agreement, you must not claim that you are linked with TruRating, or that your TruModule works with TruRating.

  • Don’t use our stuff for competing services We’re not sure why you would want to do so but, even if you get really tempted, you must not use our services or materials which we make available for anything to do with competing services.

  • Don’t syndicate, “frame” or re-use our questions We spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that our questions are concise, specific and easy to understand. We want as many people as possible to rate their experiences using TruRating, but you must not syndicate our questions, or use them to power another service. In other words, you may only use our questions for implementing TruModule.

  • Don’t break the law Clearly, don’t do anything which breaks the law, or which you could get you, or us, into trouble.

There is a test before you get production access

There is a accreditation process before you get production access. More information on the accreditation process is found here. We make available a testing environment, so that you can develop your TruModule and test it thoroughly. The authentication tokens which you use for this do not work for the live TruRating environment. Before we will give you keys for the live environment and permission to use our brand, you and your application will need to pass the accreditation process.

You may also have to enter into an agreement with TruRating covering the distribution and operation of your software.

Please do send bug reports, feedback and feature requests

We want to hear from you! If you spot a bug, have some feedback to give us, or want to suggest features, please let us know by email.

Our lawyers tell us that if you do send anything, you must agree that we have a right to use whatever you send us for any purpose without restriction and without any payment to you or attribution. If you don’t want to do this, please don’t send us your ideas, however brilliant.

  • Termination - We can terminate any developer account at any time. Sorry to be so blunt, but we can terminate any developer account, including yours, and prevent access to our services, at any time, without notice.
  • Liability - Our maximum liability to you under this agreement is £10.- TruRating will not be liable to you in contract, tort (including negligence), for breach of statutory duty or otherwise, for any loss of profits; loss of revenue, sales or business; loss of agreements or contracts; loss of anticipated savings; loss of or damage to goodwill; loss of use or corruption of software, data or information; or any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever. Our maximum liability for anything which we have not excluded here is £10.
  • Changing this agreement. - We may change this agreement from time to time. The version on our developer website is the version which applies, so do check it regularly. If we make a material change, we will try to notify you, for example by email, or posting a notice on our website. If you continue to use our services after the agreement has changed, you agree to comply with the revised agreement, or else that you will stop using our services.

  • English law and jurisdiction - If there is ever a dispute under these terms, we should try to work it out amicably first. After all, no-one likes lawyers. But if either of us wants to take action, it must be under English law, with the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts.