TruRating screens are meant to be simple and clean. The aim is to give the best experience to customers with a clear message of TruRating being the third party that provides the chance for feedback. Below you have a set of visual guidelines to help you achieve our designs at its best.


Our first option for a font to be used is called Open Sans Bold, and can be downloaded here.

If Open Sans is not supported on your device, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, and can be downloaded here.

TruRating is aware some payment devices have specific fonts that can’t be changed and we are okay with it. Just make sure the size is legible. See below some guidance:

  • Large terminal screens - minimum 33pt
  • Medium screens - minimum 22pt
  • Small terminal screens - minimum 19pt

Make sure the font size you choose, is used on all three screens. Please do not use different font sizes on the screens.

If you need any advice contact us on docs@trurating.com we are always happy to provide mock-ups according to your needs for free.

I want free advice on my fonts

Question (X) and Acknowledgments screens (Y) design

Terminal screens that allow graphics and colour

Question screeen (X)

If your terminal allows for graphics to be uploaded and it displays in colour, the question screen has a blue logo on the top left corner, with our slogan (all one graphic) and the question text is black, left aligned and mixed case.

Please note, our logo is never supposed to have any copy on it. See the do’s and don’ts section to learn more.

Colour - Question Screen

Acknowledgments screeens (Y)

The thank you and the skip screen have a similar structure and design: a white background, blue logo on the top left corner, with a colourful wave on the right hand side or at the botton (depending if your screensize is horizontal or vertical) The text is left aligned, black and mixed case.

The text for all these screens is provided by TruSurvice. Read more about it here

Thank you screen (Y)

Colour - Thank You Screen

Skip screen (Y)

Colour - Skip Screen

Download design files

Horizontal wave Vs Vertical wave

The use of these waves depends on how much room you have on your screen.

Vertical wave

We use the vertical wave on horizontal screens only. You need at least 60px width and 120 px high on the right hand side of your screen to use the horizontal wave.

Vertical Wave

Horizontal wave

We use the horizonal wave on vertical screens only. You need at least 180px width x 90 px high at the bottom of your screen to use the horizontal wave.

Horizontal Wave

Have more questions about our vertical and horizontal wave? Click here to see our do’s and don’ts section

Terminal screens that allow graphics but no colour

If your terminal is monotone and allows black and white graphics to be uploaded, the question screen (X) has a logo on the top left corner, with our slogan (all one graphic in black). The question text is black, left aligned and mixed case.

Black & White - Question Screen

Our thank you (Y) and skip screen (Y) have only a black logo on top, left aligned with the text underneath. The text is also left aligned, black and mixed case.

Black & White - Acknowlegement Screens

Download design files

These designs also apply to one colour terminal. See below some examples with a dark blue backrgound:

Blue - Question Screen
Blue - Acknowledgement Screens

Please contact us at docs@trurating.com if you are not sure how to design your screens in one single colour. Depending on your terminal limitations, we can provide persoanlised mockups for free.

Download design files

Terminal screens that allow text only

If your terminal only allows for text, we would like it to be left aligned, black, mixed case and on a white backrgound.

Remember, all the text is provided by TruRating, please contact us if your environment requires pre-loaded text to be used.

Have questions about text? Read our content specifications section.

Text Only Screens

Activation screens

Our activation screens are meant to follow the same style as our other screens. Text left aligned, logo at the top left corner and an option at the bottom to add buttons that might be needed to activate the aplication.

Below you have examples on how to design your TLA screens and a link to the TLA section that has everything you need to know.

Horizontal layout example

Horizontal Activation Screens

Vertical layout example

Vertical Activation Screens

Download design files

Click here to access all other TLA specifications.


If your designing TruRating screens that are intended to provide the customer with the ability to select or change language then please contact TruRating for guidance to meet your specific needs.

Dos and Don’ts

If after reading our visual guidelines you still have questions, please visit our Do’s and don’ts section/

Still have questions? Contact us, we are always here to help : )