This section will show you visually some things you can or can’t do with our screen designs. Below you will have some examples, and remember, any questions, contact us : ) we are a very fun team always willing to help!


Merchant Skip Capability

There should be no ability for the merchant to skip the rating question on behalf of the customer. For example, on a duel screen device with one screen facing the operator and one screen facing the customer the operator screen should not provide an option that allows the rating question to be cleared. When a rating question is displayed to the customer there are three possible results: 1. Customer rates, 2. Customer skips 3. Question times out

Changes to the UX & Design

TruRating work closely with our partners to ensure that consumers get the best possible experience. The UX & Design aspects or all implementations of TruRating are validated by our QA team as part of our acceptance testing process for all new solutions. It is important that once a solution has completed acceptance testing that changes to the UX, design or branding are not made without the agreement of TruRating.

Operator Prompt (e.g. ‘Customer is Rating’)

There are some situations where notifying the operator that the customer is being asked to rate and perhaps advising the operator to remind the customer that a rating is pending can be beneficial. Generally, TruRating advise against incorporating an operator prompt in the majority of circumstances. If you feel that an operator prompt or notification is required in your implementation, then please discuss this with the TruRating technical team.

When screens are too small and the text touches or overlaps the logo, please remove the logo.

Example - Copy on Logo

Text over the wave

When screens are too small and the text touches or overlaps the wave, please remove the wave.

Example - Copy on Wave

The use of TruRating wave

When screens are vertical, remember to use the horizontal wave, so it fits well at the bottom and there is no text overlaping.

Example - Horizontal Wave

When screens are horizontal, remember to use the vertical wave, so it fits well on the side.

Example - Vertical Wave

If you have questions on how to use our wave, contact us and we can provide you with free design mockups, taking into consideration your screen size and terminal type.

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With TruRating, consumers know that all data collected is private and anonymous, so for legal and security reasons, we do not allow any co-branding on our terminal screens.

Contact us if you have any questions regards co-branding.

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