The content of the question (X) and acknowledgments screens (Y) are provided by TruRating from our TruService.

When requesting the text for all screens you need to tell us about your text capabilities, formating and device screen dimensions to make sure we provide you with the right text.

Our TruService looks at:

  • The number of characters per line (determined by the widest character of the font used by the PED)
  • The number of lines (target minimum 6 lines of text)

and then sends back the text that fits those numbers the best way.

With the above information, TruRating will deliver the screens that are compatible with the display of the target PED. Per TruService Interface XSD specifications, the Question Request will contain details about the screen, which will include the number of characters per line and the number of lines. View sample code here

Below is an example of the TruRating display on a PED where each cell in the matrix represents the one-character location.

TruRating Matrix - Example

The text in never suposed to overlap any graphics. Read more here in the visual guide section.

Remember, all text is provided by us, please email dos@trurating.com if your environment requires pre-loaded text to be used.

Screens content examples

TruRating understands that there are various types of payment terminals, screen sizes and capabilities, that is why we came up with different messages that can accomodate all needs.

Question Screen (X)

Below is an example of questions our TruService will provide, taking into account the number of characters and rows:

Questions Examples

Skip instructions on Question Screen (X)

The skip instruction, is also part of the text in the question, provided by TruRating. Please do not code a skip button on the screen without consulting TruRating, as it may impact significantly the performance of the application. Email docs@trurating.com if you have any questions or want free advice or mockups for your payment terminal.

I want free mockups

Acknowledgment - Thank you screen (Y)

Below is an example of Thank you messages, taking into account the number of characters and rows:

Thank You Message Examples

Acknowledgment - Skip screen (Y)

Below is an example of the Skip screen messages, taking into account the number of characters and rows:

Skip Message Examples

Now that you are all clear with what content each screen will display, click here to access our visual guidelines.