TruRating screens are meant to be simple and clean. The aim is to give the best experience to customers while promoting TruRating as a brand they can recognise and trust.

We created a set of guidelines to help you design your screens. It is very important that you follow them in order for the whole experience to be at its best. If you have any questions, email docs@trurating.com

In all experiences we have a question screen (X) and two options for the acknowledgments screens (Y):

UX Flow Overview

TruRating recognizes that screen designs and layouts are dependent on the target payment device/PED, their capabilities and how they are used in the payment environment. All this was taken into consideration when TruRating designed the screens for the implementation at hand. Below you have an overview of what that design looks like for large and small terminal screens.

Design for large terminal screens

Large Screens Design Overview

Design for small terminal screens

Small Screens Design Overview

Design Files

Click here to access our detailed design specifications and files in multiple sizes.

If you require a custom build we can do the visual mockups for free to accommodate your payment terminal. Just email docs@trurating.com

I want custom designs for free