This section lists the step by step guide in developing the TruRating Application.

TruRating are on-hand to assist with development and integration every step of the way.

Create a development environment

Register with TruRating

As a first step, you will need to create an account on the TruRating developer portal to be able to retrieve questions from TruService, a process that is quite straight forward. As part of the process your account will need to be approved by TruRating. This will be done within one (1) business day. TruRating will send you an email once this has been done.

Create a test merchant

Once you receive your approval, please log into the developer portal, goto the merchant setup page and click on ‘Create Merchant’ to create a test account. You will be given a MerchantId and ParterId as part of this process.

Make a note of your MerchantId and ParterId, you will need these later when either using the TruModule sample application or constructing requests to TruService from your payment application

Download and run the TruModule sample application

Download the TruModule sample application and edit TruModule.Test.exe.config. Ensure that the MerchantId and PartnerId are set to the values that you received in Step 2.

You can change the TerminalId setting to a value of your choice. Here is a sample configuration:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <add key="Endpoint" value="http://tru-sand-service-v200.trurating.com/api/servicemessage"/>
    <add key="TerminalId" value="TestTerminal1234"/>
    <add key="MerchantId" value="YourMerchantId"/>
    <add key="PartnerId" value="YourPartnerId"/>
    <add key="Verbose" value="true"/>
    <add key="Languages" value="en-GB,fr-CA"/>
    <add key="PosEvents" value="false"/>

Once the configuration file is changed to reflect your values, start TruModule.exe from a command window. TruModule.exe will send and receive TSI messages to and from TruService in the Cloud. This allows the developer to see and experience the messages and message flows that occur against a real system. Timing, message sequencing and data content can all be examined and compared to a the actual journey a customer would experience with the TruRating Application installed on a payment system.

Implement a TruModule

Specification review

The TruModule specification provides details on the scenarios, requirements and use cases associated with the TruRating for payment service providers. This document covers all aspects of the implementation.

TruRating developer support is on-hand during all phases of development and testing and will work closely with the payment service provider and prospective merchants to ensure that the solution meets all requirements.

Developer support can be requested from the developer portal.

Implementation design

There are a wide range of architectures for Point of Sale systems, and so it is not possible to be dogmatic about where a TruModule implementation will fit into an existing system. The Design patterns specification describes a number of such architectures that have been encountered and the way that TruModule can be added in each.

TruRating Accreditation

To guarantee a high quality result for both the payment service provider and TruRating, The payment service provider will need to submit a test harness with appropriate instructions for TruRating to validate the customer journey and mutually sign off on the development with the payment service provider. Further details are provided here.