The TruRating application service (TruService) provides the core of the TruRating application processing. It is supplied by TruRating.

Services that TruService provides include:

  • Encapsulating all TruRating business logic associated with the TruRating Application
  • Caching questions and text that are active for a given point of sale.
  • Providing questions and acknowledgment text to TruModule in the required language(s).
  • Accepting the delivery of rating records, including attached transaction and basket data and storing them, pending a successful delivery to the TruRating host (TruHost).
  • Communicating securely with TruHost via HTTPS.

TruService can run in:

  • The “Cloud” - as a SaaS. TruRating offers a fully managed cloud TruService SaaS solution hosted in Microsoft Azure. Service instances are load balanced, geo-replicated and redundant across 3 continents for optimum reliability and scalability.
  • Local Network. TruService can run on a back-office server either within a partner’s network or merchant’s network.
  • On the Till. TruService can run as a Microsoft Windows service or a Linux daemon on Point of Sale hardware.

TruService is available in a variety of programming languages to support these different environments.

The full set of functional requirements for TruService are listed in the TruService specification.

Operational requirements

The following sections show the core operational requirements for the TruService application.

Operating Systems Supported

TruService supports the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows All currently supported versions
Linux multiple distributions, including Debian and CentOS

Storage Method

TruService uses SQLite or standard flat files (C++ version) for its persistent storage requirement.

Deployment Options

Several options are available:

  • TruService can be deployed to each POS with a single instance of TruService per till
  • TruService can be deployed onto an instore server or back office PC with a single instance of TruService supporting all POS terminals within an outlet
  • TruService can be deployed onto a networked PC running within the merchant’s private wide area network. In this configuration, a single instance of TruService can support all outlets

The level of resilience and ability to operate offline are influenced by the location of TruService within the merchant’s environment. TruRating at POS cannot operate without TruService

System Resources:

TruService is a lightweight application with a minimal storage requirement. Recommended requirements vary based on which version is used (Java, C#, C++) and which deployment option is being used and what storage method is in use. The TruRating Solution Architects work with merchants and partners during the implementation phase to calculate these requirements based on architecture.


TruService requires the following:

In-bound IP HTTP/HTTPS Socket connection from TruModule
Out-bound IP HTTPS Socket connection to the TruRating host on the standard HTTPS port

Network Bandwidth Requirements

Network bandwidth requirements for TruRating depend on a number of factors:

  • Where TruService is deployed?
  • How many instances of TruService are in use (1 per till, 1 per store, 1 per estate)?
  • How much POS/transaction data is being collected along with the rating?
  • What’s the frequency of TruService updates to TruHost (real-time, batch etc.)?

The TruRating Solution Architects will work with the merchant and partners during the implementation phase to calculate these requirements based on selected architecture.