The TruRating application service (TruService) provides the core of the TruRating application processing. It is supplied by TruRating.

Services that TruService provides include:

  • Encapsulating all TruRating business logic associated with the TruRating Application
  • Caching questions and text that are active for a given point of sale.
  • Providing questions and acknowledgment text to TruModule in the required language(s).
  • Accepting the delivery of rating records, including attached transaction and basket data and storing them, pending a successful delivery to the TruRating host (TruHost).
  • Communicating securely with TruHost via HTTPS.

TruService is offered as a cloud service on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. TruRating offers a fully managed cloud TruService SaaS solution hosted in Microsoft Azure. Service instances are load balanced, geo-replicated and redundant across 3 continents for optimum reliability and scalability.

TruService can in some specific cases be provided as a deployed service to run within a partner gateway or within a merhant environment. If you feel that a deployed configuration may better suit your needs then please discuss this with your technical point of contact or contact TruRating through this website.


TruService requires the following:

In-bound IP HTTP/HTTPS Socket connection from TruModule
Out-bound IP HTTPS Socket connection to the TruRating host on the standard HTTPS port

Network Bandwidth Requirements

Network bandwidth requirements for TruRating depend on a number of factors:

  • How many stores are connected
  • How many POS or terminals are there per store
  • How much POS/transaction data is being collected along with the rating?
  • What’s the frequency and volume of traffic between TruModule and TruService both peak and non-peak
  • How many instances of TruService (based on geographic location of TruService instances and partner/merchant traffic routing)

The TruRating Solution Architects will work with the merchant and partners during the implementation phase to calculate these requirements based on selected architecture.