In order to foster interest and excitement amongst consumers in the process of providing ratings TR includes a system of consumer treats or prizes, referred to as a TruTreat. This feature is not enabled by default for a merchant. It can be enabled by TruRating for specific merchants once the relevant contracts have been put into place.

The design for TruTreat has been done in a way that has the least amount of impact on partners implementing TruModule. Therefore the feature will operate seamlessly within the current specification of TruModule as it stands.

The TruRating host will randomly allocate a TruTreat code to instances of TruService. TruService will then include the TruTreat code in the receipt text message for a consumer who has provided a rating. (The receipt text for consumers who don’t provide ratings will be unchanged).

Additionally, the “Thank you” screen acknowledgement for consumers who have provided ratings will change to say something along the lines of:

“Congratulations, you’ve won a prize, Check your receipt for details”

Printing the TruTreat code on the receipt

When a TruTreat has been awarded it is vital that the customer receipt is printed out. The consumer has already been told to check the receipt and so will be expecting it.

A number of merchants do not routinely print receipts, waiting for the customer to request one before doing so. Consequently there is no printed TruRating acknowledgement in normal transactions.

Therefore, in order to programmatically ensure that the receipt is printed out when a prize code has been awarded the receipt text message carries a priority attribute. If the priority is set to true then the receipt text will always be printed.