The TruService schema provides a complete description of the data collected by TruRating. This data includes rating data, non-sensitive transaction data, and for integrated systems POS basket data. The tables below provide a more detailed summary of the data TruRating collects.

The data available to TruRating will depend upon the type on integration that is performed and specifically the availablity of POS event data. A transaction may therefore represent a full EPOS transaction with multiple tenders or a transaction with a single tender (i.e. through a payment terminal).

The tables below provide an overview of the data collected and all elements are required where available. Please refer to the TruService schema for more details.

Rating Data

When a rating is delivered to TruRating the following data is collected:

Data Element Description
Rating Question Indicates which question was presented to the customer.
It will also indicate if no question was presented, due to question regulation.)
Rating Date & Time Date & time that the question was presented to the customer
Rating Value Rating response from the customer: 0-9, Skip, Timeout
Response Time Time between question being first displayed to the customer and the customers rating response (or timeout)
Operator Identifier for the operator taking the payment from the customer

Transaction Data

When the result of the payment is delivered to TruRating the following data is collected to augment the rating data:

Data Type Description
Transaction Type Type of transaction (Sale, Refund…)
Transaction ID Unique transaction number or identifier
Transaction Date & Time Date and time of the transaction
Transaction Amount Amount of the transaction - including any gratuity, taxes etc.
Transaction Gratuity Gratuity amount if applicable to the transaction
Transaction Currency Currency code (ISO 4217) to reflect currency transaction was taken in
Transaction Result Result of the transaction (Approved, Declined, Canceled)
Card Type Visa, MasterCard, Amex…
Entry Mode For card tenders, this is how the card was presented (Swipe, Contactless, Insert)
Tender Type debit, credit, cash, gift, other…
Card Name Card name - applicable for card tenders
Amount Tender amount
Card Hash A hash of card data that is not PCI sensitive for anonymously (and non-uniquely) following ratings coming from the same cardholder. TruRating has created TruTrace as a standard for partners to follow. Please consult your TruRating technical contact to discuss potential support for a hash that is not based on TruTrace

For integrations where POS events are supported as part of the integration, TruRating can collect the data listed in the tables below. All POS events are optional - but when specific events are provided then certain data elements must then be included.

NOTE: Only the POS Events that contain payment or transaction data are shown within this section. Please refer to the TruService schema for a full listing of the supported POS Events.

Start Transaction Event Data

Data Type Description
Operator ID ID or name of operator
Sales Person ID ID or name of sales person
Attendant Type Till operation type (ATTENDED, SEMIATTENDED, UNATTTENDED)
Till Type Type of till the transaction was taken on (e.g. Kios, Main Bank, Self Checkout…)

POS Basket Item Data

Data Type Description
Quantity Quantity of the item being sold or refunded
Unit of Measurement Unit of measurement (i.e. G, KG, OZ…)
Operation If item is being added to or subtracted from the basket (ADD, SUBTRACT)
Description Description of the item
SKU Stock Keeping Unit
Retail Amount Retail amount for this item - prior to discounts and excluding taxes
Selling Amount Retail amount of ths item - with discounts and taxes applied
Unit Amount Value of a single unit (based on unit of measurement) of the item
-Barcode type (symbology for the provided barcode)
-Barcode for the item
POS Category
Any optional POS categories linked to the item
Multiple can be provided if required

POS Discount (Item or Basket) Data

Data Type Description
Name Merchant description for the discount
Operation Indicates if discount is being added or subtracted to the basket (ADD, SUBTRACT)
Amount Value of the discount - excluding and tax
Description Description of the discount to provide more information on the products and/or categories or products available within the discount or promotion
Percentage Percentage of the discount where applicable (positive or negative)
Mechanic Rules applied for the customer to qualify for the discount (i.e. Buy one get one free or Buy 5 and get 10% off)
Start Date & Time Start date & time for the discount or promotion if applicable
End Date & Time End date & time for the discount or promoption if applicable
Discount Barcode Details:
-Barcode Type
Where a discount is linked to a barcode (i.e. promotional voucher) the barcode details can be provided:
-Barcode type (symbology for the provided barcode)
Discount Linked To Basket Details
-Barcode Type & Value
Where a discount is linked to one more more basket items, as opposed to a basket/transaction level discount then the details of the SKU’s or barcodes the discount applies to can be provided:
-Stock Keeping Unit
-Barcode type (symbology for the provided barcode)
-Barcode for the item

End Tilling Event Data

Data Type Description
Sub Total Amount Final sub-total for the transaction, excluding any tax/VAT

Customer Data

Data Type Description
Customer Type Merchant specific customer type
Customer Data Merchant specific customer information conforming to a defined TLV (Tag, Length, Value) structure. More information here

NOTE: MUST not contain any personal data relating to the customer.

Custom Receipt Data

Data Type Description
Receipt Data A free format data block that can provide receipt data relating to the transaction.