In order to collect a rating the TruRating application needs to present a single question on the PIN entry device (PED) display during a POS transaction (which may be before payment) and collect a single keypress response (0-9), Clear, Cancel or OK from the keypad.

Questions are supplied as text and merchants can adjust the questions according to their business requirements. The use of signed text (prompts) is therefore impractical.

TruRating have given this behaviour the code-name “1AQ1KR” - A single (1) arbitrary question followed by a single keypress response (or time out).

In order to support TruRating the PIN Entry device must be able to perform a 1AQ1KR command. The implementation of 1AQ1KR must also provide the ability to cancel the rating question to return the device back to an idle state on demand. This is most critical at the end of basket scanning - prior to payment request, when the question has been displayed during the basket-scanning period (dwell time).

A full specification for the 1AQ1KR command appears in the specifications section.