TruRating Online is our product that allows customer feedback to be collected on your eCommerce website. This is a lightweight JavaScript widget that is added on the payment confirmation page of your site, capturing customer feedback just after the payment process has been completed.

You will have the chance to ask one question to each of your customers. Questions can vary from ease of use of the website, market research, your product range (anything can be asked really) and their frequency can be adjusted to generate the insights you want.

All feedback is tied to transaction value and is anonymous. We then provide you with near real-time and representative consumer insight through a live dashboard and personalised reports.

See below the designs for Desktop and mobile:

TruRating Online on a Desktop Browser
TruRating Online on a Mobile Browser

Custom Designs

Need some customised designs that match the colurs and style of your website? Not a problem, contact us and we will help you with that.

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