1. Have an active account with TruRating. If you don’t already, please go to to register
  2. Have your unique storeId/orgNodeID which will be provided by your Account Manager

Once you have fulfilled the above data requirements, you should now be able to integrate a fully functional widget by following the steps below;

Step 1 - Insert JavaScript snippet

To ensure that the rendering of the widget has minimal impact on the loading of the webpage, add the code snippet below as close as possible to the body end tag.

<script src=""></script>
  (function () {
      isOnlySnippetOnPage: isOnlySnippetOnPage,
      isAllowedOnMobile: isAllowedOnMobile,
      storeId: storeId })

The table below explains what each parameter represents and how to amend the settings. Please note that all these elements are required for the desired operation of the widget.

Parameter Description Type
isOnlySnippetOnPage Set to true if there is another snippet on the page so that the TruRating widget can sit on top of it rather than over it Boolean
isOnlySnippetOnPage Set to true if the widget needs to be displayed on mobile Boolean
storeId Insert the unique storeId provided by TruRating. Please note that setting this incorrectly could result in the widget throwing an error or not displaying at all. String

Step 2 - Carry out integration validation checks

Following completion of step 1, the merchant (or the party responsible for the integration) should carry out integration validation checks to ensure that the merchant’s website functions as expected after the widget has been added.

We recommend performing these checks prior to promoting the changes to the Live environment.

Listed below are some of the high-level checks that can be carried out on both desktop and mobile browsers.

  • Functionality - the website functionality should not be changed/affected following the integration.
  • Website display - the website visual appearance should display per usual, and also include the widget in the bottom left corner.
  • Widget display – the widget should be displayed after the page has fully loaded. This could take slightly longer depending on the speed of the internet connection.
  • Users should see the following data displayed on TruRating’s widget
    • A total number of ratings
    • The merchants TruScore
    • An animation on the widget when loading

Information about the widget:

By default, the widget will be positioned in the bottom-left corner of your webpage, unless there is another widget on the page in which case the TruRating widget will sit right above it.

  • Desktop size: 165px width and 54px height.
  • Mobile size: 175px width and 54px height.

Preview of the widget:


Only widget on the page:

TruPulse on Desktop

With another widget on the page:

TruPulse on Shared Desktop


Only widget on the page:

TruPulse on Mobile

With another widget on the page:

TruPulse on Shared Mobile