1. Have an active account with TruRating. If you don’t already, please go to to register
  2. Have your unique storeId/orgNodeID which will be provided by your Account Manager

Once you have fulfilled the above data requirements, you should now be able to integrate a fully functional widget by following the steps below;

Information about the widget:

The method truratingWidget.appendToStore looks for the elements with class= ‘tru-storeFinder–widget’ and appends an ‘iframe’ with the TruRating widget inside. The data displayed in the widget is determined by the storeID that corresponds to the store as provided by TruRating.

Step 1 - Get the storeID

TruRating should have provided a separate file that lists all the current stores along with their corresponding storeID. This is a unique value and should be applied to the associated outlet as per the spreadsheet provided.

Step 2 - Insert HTML snippet

Add the element below to the associated store-locator results page that displays store information:

<div class="tru-storeFinder--widget" data-store-id={StoreID} data-is-online={isOnline}></div>

For example:

HTML snippet example

Step 3 - Insert JavaScript Snipper on the Body Tag

Add the snippet below as close as possible to the body-end tag so as to minimise the impact of the widgets rendering on the loading of the webpage.

<script src=""></script>
(function () { truratingWidget.appendToStore(); })();

Step 4 - Carry out integration validation checks

Following completion of the technical integration phase, it is recommended that the merchant (or the party responsible for carrying out the integration) carries out integration validation checks to ensure that the merchant’s website still functions as expected.

Listed below are some of the high-level checks that can be carried out on both desktop and mobile versions of the associated website;

  • Performance - merchant website functionality should not be changed/affected following the integration.
  • Layout - merchant website visual appearance should display the widget in the specified positions.
  • Widget display - the TruRating widget with data populated should be visible once the page has loaded. The following data should be visible in the widget;

    • The number of customer ratings
    • The overall rating out of 9
    • An animation on widget loaded