Significant changes have been made across the TruRating Gateway to align the content with our current product standards and best practices for successful implementation of TruRating.

In summary:

  • Screen design and flows now include more reference examples and best practice guidance for implementors
  • Updated documentation and guidance around the different TruRating triggers we support and which triggers work best in different environments
  • More information about the use of POSEvents in integration where realtime basket data is available
  • Additional guidance on how to use the RequestCustomer object within TruService schema to pass customer in an open format
  • Enhancements and clarifications around what data TruRating collect, stressing importance of some optional data
  • Changes to description of 1AQ1KR to reflect different ways this core requirement for TruRating can be delivered
  • Increased amount of content covering the TruSevice prefetch feature
  • Revised and added to content on TruTrace
  • Various changes and fixes to existing content